Turtle Rock reveals new hunters for Evolve

Evolve, the co-op first person shooter by Turtle Rock Studios, has been out for roughly a month now and has been received relatively well by players and critics (yes, I know we didn’t review it, thank you very much). Fulfilling their promise to continue support of the game, Turtle Rock Studios has revealed the next 4 playable characters due out on March 31st for all platforms.

“The planet Shear has gone to hell,” the studio explained in a statement about the DLC. “The once-thriving border world, now overrun by Monsters. While Cabot’s elite team of Hunters have done their damnedest to evacuate colonists, they need help. Lots of help. The four new Hunters weren’t called from another planet, but were already on Shear.”

Evolve to get 4 new hunters in first DLCFirst up is Torvald who fills an assault role. Torvald was nearly torn to pieces in a Monster attack but with some luck he managed to survive. Now rebuilt into a half human half robot, Torvald is heading to Shear to get himself some revenge. Now essentially a human tank, Torvald wields Mortar Cannons mounted on his back and a nifty Autofire Shotgun just in case you get too close.

The new trapper is Crow, who is described as a reclus who prefers peace and quiet. Crow can usually be found in the unsettled parts of Shear with blog_crow_trapperjust his pet Batray, Gobi, for company. Unfortunately, the Monsters have started making it hard for Crow to enjoy his alone time and so he’s decided to do something about it.

Crow’s pet, Gobi, can fly ahead to scout the area and spot potential enemies. As for Crow, he makes use of a multi-purpose Statis Gun which can either shoot in a rapid-fire mode which does a lot of DPS and slows your enemy or shoot a nifty charged shot that has the ability to punch straight through a Monster’s armor.

blog_slim_medicSlim is a forgotten genetically modified soldier that looks a bit like an insect, and he’ll be serving as the new combat medic.

Slim has some abilities that not only help keep his fellow hunters in the fight, but also mess with the Monster. His main weapon, the Leech Gun, can be used to sap the strength from the Monster and use it to reload his Healing Burst faster, which has a larger radius in comparison to the other Medics.

Slim also has a healing drone that flies around the battlefield helping regenerate player’s health over time. The drone zooms back to Slim whenever the player being healed is under attack. Another tool at Slim’s disposal is his Spore Cloud Launcher which masks the scent of the Hunters allowing them to sneak around undetected.

Finally there’s the new support character, Sunny. Sunny is an old friend of Abe and Parnell’s and was actually a part of the original 4 Hunters when Evolve was first created. Sunny became an ace Evolve to get 4 new hunters in first DLCpilot and engineer but now she’s coming to give her old squadmates a hand dealing with the Monsters. As support, she’ll be protecting the team with Shield Drones that can cover nearby teammates and take hits for the Hunters. In order to help them with a quick escape, Sunny’s Jetpack Booster lets teammates fly further, faster and not run out of juice while in range. In terms of offense, Sunny makes use of her Mini-nuke Grenade Launcher which packs a pretty hefty punch.

Evolve came out last month on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but developer Turtle Rock – who previously made the acclaimed Left 4 Dead games for Valave – has seen their latest title criticized in some quarters thanks to its preorder DLC campaign – which meant some characters were only available depending on where you purchased the game –  alack of content, and hefty post-release DLC plans: the developer plans to charge up to $15 a time for new playable monsters.

While Turtle Rock has said that it will release new maps to the game’s community for free, its planned charges for additional characters have drawn complaints from gamers due to the planned high pricepoint.

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