Square Enix asks gamers what they’d most like to see

Square Enix asks gamers what they'd most like to see from the company

Square Enix is asking gamers what they’d like to see from the Publisher in the future, as part of a survey sent out to select candidates.

The questions in the survey are pretty standard for this sort of thing, asking the usual demographic questions such as age, gender, and place of residence. The interesting part comes from questions such as “which of the following Square Enix games are you currently playing?”, “How familiar are you with each of the following [Square Enix] game franchises?” and “of the following [Square Enix] game series, which is your favorite?”

Perhaps the most interesting question is: “What one game would you most want Square Enix to make in the future?”. The question is followed by an empty text box, allowing for any response (though we doubt asking them for Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian will do anything to make those games materialize from the ether anytime soon).

Square Enix are effectively inviting you to tell them what you want to see them do next. Do you want them to finally hop back on the Legacy of Kain train (Nosgoth, as fun as it actually is, doesn’t count)? How about something a little more leftfield: Project Sylpheed? ActRaiser?

You could ask for a remake of Final Fantasy VII (and no doubt plenty of people surveyed will), but don’t get your hopes up – the publisher has previously stated that it won’t contemplate a full remake of the 1997 PS One hit unless they manage to create a Final Fantasy game that improves on it in every way. Of course, some might say they already managed that years ago.

This method of extracting information from a fanbase isn’t uncommon. Ubisoft has used the strategy a few times before, and the effects of those surveys can be clearly seen in some of their videogames – most notably the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises.

In other recent Square Enix news, the publisher recently announced when gamers will be able to get their hands on the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward. You can read more about that here.

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