Team 17 bringing Flockers to mobile devices

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Side-scrolling Lemmings-alike puzzler Flockers will go on sale for iOS and Android devices this week, publisher Team 17 has announced.

Flockers was originally released on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One late last year. The first original IP from the publisher in 20 years, Flockers tasks you with guiding a flock of sheep through hazardous environments and attempting to prevent them – usually unsuccessfully – from meeting a sticky end.

For a limited period, the game will be available for a reduced price of £1.49 / $1.99 / €1.99 following its launch on January 14th. Aside from featuring repurposed controls for touch screen devices, the game now also features Facebook connectivity so you can compare your scores against your friends’, as well as Game Center achievements on iOS platforms.

Nic Bunce reviewed Flockers for Continue Play last September, awarding it 7/10. While he found it to be a decent puzzling romp with a generous amount of content, the steep difficulty curve and lack of originality may put off some players.

“As engaging and intense as Flockers can be watching your sheep miss the swinging blades by a hair’s breadth, it lacks any real and meaningful innovation,” he wrote in his Flockers Review. “The Community functionality is nice, but the lack of cool abilities and the trial and error gameplay is frustrating to the point where it will put many off and entirely turn away those who are new to the genre or don’t play puzzle games often.”

Check out some screenshots of the mobile version below.


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