NeoGAF reacts badly to Tekken 7’s Lucky Chloe, Dev reacts badly to NeoGAF

Chief developer and founder of the Tekken series, Katsuhiro Harada, was linked to a NeoGAF thread largely criticizing the design, style, and personality of the newly announced Tekken 7 character Lucky Chloe.

In her announcement trailer, Lucky Chloe is shown to be a jubilant, energetic breakdancing fighter with a black, pink, and white pop idol costume. She also looks like a cat, with cat-ear headphones, paws, and a tail. NeoGAF reacted critically, criticizing the outlandish design, the stereotypical-seeming character design, and the implied fanservice that goes along with young looking women, pigtails, and cat accessories. Harada, in reply, criticized NeoGAF’s far-reaching criticisms – suggesting that they could not speak for the entire Western audience.

Harada then went on to tweet that only East Asia and Europe will see the release of Lucky Chloe, that she won’t appear in the US. Instead, she will be replaced by a “well-muscled, Skin-head, Very powerful attack” character, while also saying such a character is unneeded. He continued by ridiculing American’s apparent taste for gun-toting or MMA-style fighters.

He later closed with a simple “If you need, I’ll release. If you don’t need, I don’t release,” and that he’s responding to the supply and demand of the game’s fanbase. However the development team is hard at work on the arcade release of Tekken 7 and will be considering the fate of Lucky Chloe later in the development cycle.

As it stands, there’s something of an industry clamoring for developers to hear from their audience, especially in the wake of Mass Effect 3 seeing a fan-insisted ending change and larger Twitter movements for the industry to heed its audience more. However, the idea of adding region-exclusivity to certain characters simply because a group of people were petty enough to complain about the content seems like a step in the wrong direction. In the same vein, a developer threatening to cut content simply to spite a group of potential players is also a step in the wrong direction. No one wins when the industry takes a step backward – for any reason.

Players interested in or curious about Lucky Chloe can find her trailer here, or view it below. If she seems like something you might like to see for a NA release, go tweet Harada. Can’t hurt any more than it already has, right?

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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  • chavy git

    XD show them neoqueefs who’s boss hahahahahah


    Tell the haters to F-OFF on twitter #KEEPCHLOE

  • LOL

    Seriously… can they stop making characters that look like hookers? This character was created by a “peeping tom”.

    1: Enlarged exposed boobs ~ CHECK!
    2: Extra short skirt so you can see the panties ~ CHECK
    3: Exposed thighs ~ CHECK
    4: Game being advertised to children ~ CHECK

    • youreanidiot

      aand? whats the probem? its a game not fucking reality. now go to SjwGAF

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Frigid mom who thinks its her job to protect other peoples children but probably ignores her own ~ CHECK!

    • SiliconNooB

      How is it being advertised to children? Seems to me that it’s being advertised towards fighting game fans.

  • Sephiroth_FF

    Anyone who welcomes diversity in the Tekken 7 character roster sign this petition:

  • Mila

    i wish this wasn’t her default custom

  • BillyHoWCR

    Harada is a tool and just called out an entire gaming region, the largest in fact. Basically telling a large portion of his gaming consumers to STFU.

    That would be like McDonald’s telling fat people they can eat someplace else. Not too smart.

    • Phil Spencer Killed Rare

      Ain’t the largest any more bub. EU frequently outbuys US now.

      • XanderZane41

        U.S. still outsells all of Europe. For example, Europe sold over 540 million software on PS3/XBox 360 in Europe. In the U.S. they sold over 820 million in software sales.

        • Mega24

          Shooters, Outsells in shooters. Which are all boring, but EU has a more diverse community which play lots of other game that aren’t just sports and shooters.

          • BillyHoWCR

            Outsells over-all!

      • BillyHoWCR

        That was 7 years ago and wasn’t even factual back then. try harder.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    People care way to much about stupid sh!t.

  • Mega24

    D: I haven’t played takken in a long time (tekken 3), I saw this trailer and was thinking about picking it up when it release. Why people got to be such assholes.

  • Hosanna Sookra

    reminds me of alice from Bloody Roar.

  • Bezki

    At least we have no other problems.