Bungie gifts brain surgery patient a rare, in-game rifle

Truly one of a kind

On Wednesday, November 5, Reddit user Bkbunny87 posted a remarkable story about her husband, Eric, and his recovery using video games as a form of therapy after undergoing seven brain surgeries. The couple’s story is truly one of human tenacity, spirit, and love, and everyone should take a moment to read it.

In action

The Fate of Fools

Eric’s wife stated she was hesitant to share his story so publicly, unsure of what kind of response she would expect, and was even more hesitant to tell Eric that she’d done so. She needn’t have worried. Since Wednesday, her post as garnered nearly 400 comments and over 2,000 upvotes on the popular social networking site, as people read about Eric’s passion for video games, Destiny in particular, and the discussions with the neurologist confirming that video games can have a positive effect in recovery and physical therapy.

Moved by BKbunny87’s post and the overwhelming community response, community manager Deej and his team at Bungie wrote to her to let her know that a care package would be arriving for Eric. She wrote about the sheer joy she experienced sitting together with her husband as they read through all the wonderful comments of support and love from all those that had shared their story together.

In an edit later in the day, she announced that the Bungie crew had gifted Eric a rare, in-game rifle known as the Fate of All Fools. The gun, a solar primary scout rifle, is the only one of its kind in existence at this time, as it is part of an as yet unknown content update.

A follow up post revealed a few quick screen grabs showing the gun and its stats, as well as a few action shots.

Now THAT'S a rifle!


Having covered and read so much negativity throughout the gaming community in the last few weeks and months, this story of heartwarming generosity really hits home. In a company as successful as Bungie, it’d be easy to brush aside Bkbunny87’s story as just something unfortunate, but Deej and his team got together and gave a little something to a man who’s been through the ringer and just loves Destiny.

You couldn’t ask for a more humanist story. Way to go, Bungie, and good luck, Eric.

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