Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Coming To Retail


Microsoft has announced that Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be coming to retail on November 18 for $19.99.

The game was released digitally on September 5 on the Xbox One, and is also available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, and other devices. Players will be able to transfer their Xbox 360 creations and most of their downloadable content to the Xbox One Edition and play in up to 36 times larger worlds. If you own the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft and want to digitally upgrade, it will only cost you $4.99.

The announcement comes shortly after Microsoft acquired Mojang for around $2.5 billion, a move which many have expressed concern about given Minecraft‘s existence on practically every platform under the sun. Microsoft has since stated that it intends to continue supporting the game on other platforms – including arch-rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 – but that hasn’t stopped people speculating what the Redmond corporation has in store for the future. While this retail release has been in the works for some time, many will be looking to see how Microsoft intends to leverage its ownership of the game in order to give itself an advantage in the future.

For more on Minecraft, you can read more on Microsoft acquiring Mojang for $2.5 billion by clicking here.

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