Next Level Games pitched Metroid title to Nintendo

A former artist for Next Level Games has posted pieces of concept art on their portfolio which suggests that the developers were working on a new Metroid title.

The images showcase protagonist Samus Aren and a couple of enemies, which give more of an animated impression than previous games. The images were apparently part of a pitch Next Level Games put forward to Nintendo, requesting to make a new installment in the franchise. According to sources close to Destructoid, the project was real and were quoted as saying “Yes that is real. That’s the first I’d actually seen of that concept art, but a prototype was made before being shelved in favor of Luigi’s Mansion 2. It was about as bare-bones as it gets, but it was still pretty fun.”

The last release in the Metroid franchise was Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii. Although Luigi’s Mansion 2 was one of the games that helped the 3DS firmly establish its place in the handheld market, it was released back in 2013. Could it be that Next Level Games are now planning to pursue this concept again? Next Level Games is currently working on a project for Nintendo and Shinya Takahashi – General Manager of Nintendo Software Planning and Development – did say at this year’s E3 that the company are having internal discussions about the series’ future. Watch this space.

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