Ikaruga creator Announces New Game

Hiroshi Iuchi, creator of top-down shooter game Ikaruga, has announced that he is currently developing a new title entitled Ubusana.

A translation of his message states that he is developing the game at M2, and has only recently been given permission to discuss its existence. Currently in development for the PS4, it will be a downloadable title that may see release on other consoles in the future.

A spiritual successor to the legendary Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga was a game first released in 2001 which was praised for its use of polarity mechanics, in which the ship would have to be of a particular polarity (color) in order to take down enemies more successfully. After originally appearing in Arcades, it was later ported to SEGA’s ill-fated Dreamcast, Nintendo’s little purple box Gamecube, Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360, Android mobile platforms and, most recently, Windows PC via Steam in February of this year.

 No release date for Ubusana has been announced, and Iuchi has urged for gamers to remain patient for later announcements on the title. The game will remain in development for a while longer, but for shmup fans this is major news indeed. Iuchi has had a long history with the genre and his resumé is a laundry list of work on some of the most esteemed titles in the shmup genre. You can be sure that fans of scrolling shoot em ups will be salivating over the prospect of what he comes up with next.

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