Rust developer announces new prototype, Riftlight

Facepunch Studios, the small indie studio behind the popular Early Access title Rust, has angered fans by announcing a new prototype for a bright and colorful arcade shooter named Riftlight.

The news has been met with criticism from players concerned that the developer is working on multiple games while Rust still needs plenty of work before it is anywhere near to being considered finished.

In a blog post written today, Facepunch’s Garry Newman addressed fans and their concerns straight after sharing some mixed feedback the company received when Riftlight was announced. Much to people’s surprise, he came out and said that not only is Facepunch working on Rust and Riftlight, but also 3 other prototypes.

“Are we crazy? Are we doing it wrong?” Newman asked in the blog. “Should every person in the company be working on the same thing? Should HBO make one TV show at a time? Should Warner Brothers make one movie at a time? Our strategy at the moment is to hire talented people to make the games they want to play. We’re not asking you to fund this. We’re not starting a Kickstarter and begging you for money – we’re funding it. We are spending money Rust and Garry’s Mod make to do this. Arguing that we should be re-investing that money back into only those games is like telling Apple they can’t spend the money they made from iPhone and Macs to fund the development of the iPad.”

Newman went on to reassure fans of Rust and said that it will still be updated “very regularly”, as Newman said it is now, and the people who are working on Rust will continue to do so: “They’re not working on prototypes. That should be very obvious by the dev-blogs we post every Friday.

In conclusion, Newman said that “I am guessing that a lot of game developers bigger and smaller than us have multiple prototypes in the works, but they aren’t showing them to you. The only thing that makes our situation remarkable is that we’re willing to talk about our process and show our experiments.”


Oliver Zimmerman

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