Star Wars gets Scene-for-Scene Minecraft Remake

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An avid Minecraft and Star Wars fan by the name of Grahame Skeavington has revealed that he is remaking the original Star Wars film, scene-for-scene, in Minecraft.

The film is quickly approaching its finish with only 40 minutes to go in terms of production.

Grahame also revealed that the reason why he took on such a project is because he wanted to not only make a tribute to his father but also to make something by the fans, for the fans. This is also why no profit or monetisation will be made off the final video which people will be able to view on his website.

He also received an email from LucasArts themselves after having contacted them about the legality of doing such a project that stated “This is definitely something that could be doable at Celebration. Thank you for sharing your idea and I wish you the best with it!”. Now this is truly awesome.

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