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Head-mounted displays such as Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift are getting no small amount of praise from developers the world over. Even Japanese developers who are behind the technology curve are convinced that the immersive technology has a big future. And now even a small indie-developed projects such as Paul Cuisset’s crowd-funded adventure game Subject 13 is looking to get in on the action.

The Oculus Rift features have been added as a stretch goal to the on top of the original kickstarter campaign. Speaking of which, up to 30% of funds towards the kickstarter goal have been collecting only 7 days into the 30 day campaign. If you’re interested in learning more about the some of the pledge incentives, including a lesson in game design with the veteran game developer Cuisset himself (creator of the classic side-scroller Flashback) then head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Nothing has been said on how Oculus Rift will be used but we imagine it will allow players to put themselves in the games’ protagonist, – professor Franklin Fargo – shoes as he goes about escaping the prison he mysteriously awoke in. You can read more of the plot details here.

We don’t have many specifics for release dates – and of course it’s dependent on the project being successfully financed – but we do know that Subject 13 is currently poised for release on Android, iOS, Mac and PC. We imagine the range of platforms might expand in the future.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

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