E3 2014: Magicka 2 – PS4 version in development

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Of the many announcements made during Sony’s E3 press conference, Magicka 2’s PlayStation 4 debut stands as one of the more humorous. The trailer opens with an unemployed wizard wistfully longing for his days of adventuring. His life has been reduced to the mundane repetition of feeding his cat and searching for work. That is until he happens on newspaper job advert for wizard recruits. A gameplay montage of four wizards taking down monsters in a haze of spell-fire follows.

Magicka 2 is one of several PlayStation 4 titles in development by publisher Paradox Interactive’s studios. Pieces Interactive, who are also working on the PC version of the game, are handling development duties. We don’t know anything about the other Paradox games being worked on for the PlayStation 4 at this point.

Magicka is a MOBA series known for reveling in the chaos of friendly fire, and this trailer is very much in the playful spirit of the series. Take a look for yourself. Even if you saw it during the live stream you might get a chuckle out of the joke articles that someone went to the trouble of penning just for this trailer.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

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