Shiness powers through Kickstarter goal

Kickstarters for indie games come and go, but few make as big an impression as the French-developed cel-shaded action-RPG Shiness. The good news is that today developer Ynnis Interactive has announced they’ve exceeded their initial $100,000 funding target.

Hitting the $100,000 target means development will go ahead for the PC and Mac versions of the game, however the developer has bigger goals in mind should they reach higher funding targets – securing $110,000 will ensure Spanish and Italian localizations, and $140,000 will allow for development to go ahead on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. A $170,000 target has also been set for a Wii U version.

Shiness was revealed last month. The initial pledge showed a project that looked considerably more complete and likely to come to fruition than many of the campaigns we come across, with the developer stating they only need 6 more months to complete the game. If recent screens are anything to go by, Shiness is looking pretty complete. Check back with us for more details in the coming months. In the meantime, you might be interested in more about some of the unusual combat mechanics.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan grew up playing SEGA consoles and has a soft spot for retro games seeing as he was playing the Master System his parents bought him when all his friends had Playstations (this was also around the same time he realized he was probably adopted).
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