Composer Releases video game inspired album for Charity


The music of the videogame industry is cherished by fans, and one man wants to bring an album of video game inspired music to – all in the interests of charity.

That man is Simon David, who has recently released his NotAGame Collection in collaboration with Child’s Play.

Child’s Play’s mission is to “improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of Play,” by bringing games and interactive entertainment and toys to children in hospitals across their worldwide network of supporters.

NotAGame Collection features original music inspired from modern classic games such as Bastion, FTL: Faster than Light, Hotline Miami, and Rogue Legacy. Several of the tracks were made with the direct support of several of the original composers from the games the album takes inspiration from. David describes his project as a “collection of original videogames music which takes direct inspiration from some of the greatest video game soundtracks of our generation.” NotAGame Collection features a wide range of music to best represent the variety of music from the videogame industry, as well as fit within the games themselves.

Those interested in learning more about Simon David and NotAGame Collection can check out his website, as well as Child Play’s for details on their good work. Here is a sampling of the album for your listening pleasure, and enjoy the album tagline – Listen. Enjoy. Give. Support.

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