World’s largest video game collection sells for $750,250


Video game collector king Michael Thomasson sold his 11,000 game collection for $750k through GameGavel.

The winner, peeps_10091970, won in a bidding war against catch123 on June 11 at 9:36:15 AM EDT for the world’s largest game collection, a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine, and the Guinness Book of World Records certificate. It was a close race consisting of 56 bids in total with two from VR mogul Lucky Palmer.

Because of his background in games retail and logistics, over 2,600+ of Thomasson’s games are factory shrink-wrapped, with over 8,300 coming with a box and manual.

This isn’t Thomasson’s first collection. According to Yahoo! Tech, Thomasson’s first collection was sold in 1989 to pay for a Sega Genesis, and another was sold in 1998 to pay for his wedding.

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