Massive War Thunder Ground Forces Beta Test Invites


 Today Gaijin Entertainment announced the “biggest wave” of War Thunder Ground Forces Closed Beta Test invitations yet.

All players who completed at least one of the missions offered last year and have been active in the past thirty days will be invited in the coming days. Anyone who wishes to get in on the action must, in the next two days, win ten games and shoot down either fifty aircraft in arcade battles; fifteen aircraft in realistic battles or five aircraft in simulator battles.

War Thunder Ground Forces promises to bring large scale tank combat to the popular air combat game War Thunder. Currently only Soviet and German tanks have been available in the Closed Beta. Tanks from the USA, Britain and Japan however are slated to follow in future updates.

Previously the closed beta test was only open to those who had previously bought a preorder tank pack, or had completed all of the missions Gaijin had required. This is the first time the closed beta test will be available to a wider audience.

More information about the game and the beta can be found here.

Noah Ellis

Noah Ellis

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