Knytt Underground bounces on to WiiU this month


Atmospheric platform-puzzler Knytt Underground is coming to Nintendo’s delightful-but-struggling Wii U console on the 19th December, publisher Ripstone has announced.

No additional content has been announced so we presume it will be identical to the versions already available on other platforms. Unfortunately the price has yet to be announced, but we don’t see it being too different from the existing price point of £6.99/$9.99 that it currently retails for on PC via Steam.

Knytt Underground is a 2D side-scrolling game in the vein of Metroid or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; taking place in a huge continuous game world with a presentation that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Limbo – all black silhouetted landscapes with minimal audio cues – the player is challenged to discover the secrets of the world and its fate.

Dale Morgan

Dale Morgan

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