Alleged Just Cause 3 screenshots imply potential microtransactions

Just Cause 2 screenshot has posted alleged screenshots from Just Cause 3, from the supposed Xbox One version of the title. Interestingly, the first these references a gem-looking currency. According to Eurogamer, this screenshot has been verified by an unnamed source as coming from the game’s black market system that allows players to airdrop items and resources into the game world. It’s possible that these gems could be a more of micro-transaction currency, especially given the gem symbolism is not that uncommon among free-to-play titles.

Eagle-eyed viewers might also take notice of the debug information on two of the screenshots, implying that Just Cause 3 will run at around 30 fps on consoles. Which could be disappointing news for some.

Given that Just Cause 3 has yet to be officially announced, much of what’s being discussed and theorized is solely speculation. We’ve reached out to Avalanche Studios, who have issued us with a standard “no comment”. We’ll update as more information becomes available.


Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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