Planetside 2 Celebrates its First Birthday

Massively-multiplayer sci-fi FPS Planetside 2 is a year old! Time flies when you’re having fun.

In a press release issued today, developer Sony Online Entertainment announced their plans to mark the occasion with a whole host of events, competitions and much more.

Leading the charge is Share Your Warstories, where players can submit their favourite stories about their time with the game, with the best being immortalised in print in a new Graphic Novel and a whole host of real-world goodies including a rather beastly GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 770 OC graphics card and a Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 PlanetSide 2 gaming mouse, among other things.

But that’s not all. For 3.999SC (Planetside 2‘s virtual currency), players will be able to purchase a new Anniversary Bundle containing a whole host of in-game goodies and boosts valued at around 100 Euros. Inside the bundle you’ll find:

·         Heroic Boost – 50% – 6 months
·         Headshot Vehicle Decal
·         Headshot Armor Decal
·         One-Year Anniversary Armor Camo
·         One-Year Anniversary Weapon Camo
·         One-Year Anniversary Vehicle Camo
·         NC Rocket Launcher (Phoenix AE)
·         TR Rocket Launcher (Striker AE)
·         VS Rocket Launcher (Lancer AE)
·         RAMS .50M
·         EM4 Longshot
·         Parallax VX3
·         Serpent VE92
·         LC3 Jaguar
·         Razor GD-23
·         Corvus VA55
·         TAR
·         Carnage BR

If that’s still not enough for you, then from December 2nd, anyone who played the Beta, on launch day, or at any time in the last year will be awarded a special Decal designed by Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac.

Planetside 2 originally debuted on PC on 20th November last year and instantly impressed an awful lot of people. I’m pretty rubbish at it myself, but enjoyed it a lot. It’s also making its console debut on Playstation 4 sometime next year.

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