Sony loses its list of Japanese PS4 anniversary edition contest winners

PlayStation celebrates its 20th birthday by going grey with new PS4

Sony fans have been looking to get their hands on a limited edition 20th anniversary PS4 ever since it was initially revealed. One such method of acquiring the console was through a contest held in Japan. Anyone who bought a Ps4, a Ps3, a PS Vita or a Vita TV between December 4th and January 15th stood a chance to get a calendar with a unique code that had the potential to win the owner a limited edition 20th anniversary PS4.

It sounds like a pretty good deal right? Well, unfortunately, Sony has come out and said that they have accidentally erased all of the required information gathered from contestants and can’t determine any winners. Even worse, the information can’t be recovered. I’d hate to be the guy responsible about now.

Sony wrote the following on their website (translated by Kotaku’s Toshi Nakamura): “Our deepest apologies for the trouble we have caused to those who entered the previous campaign.”

The corporation hasn’t come out and said how they lost the relevant information, but they are trying to make up for it by giving the PlayStation buyers the chance to re-enter the competition by sending them information such as serial numbers and home addresses through forms on their website.

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