Fireproof Games opens the door on The Room Two

Following on from 2012 smash-hit The Room, FireProof Games has revealed that the sequel – unsurprisingly titled The Room Two – will be released for the iPad on 12th December, priced £2.99/ $4.99.

Android and iPhone versions will follow slightly later in early 2014.

The Room was a big success and picked up a slew of awards and accolades including a BAFTA and Apple’s “Game of The Year” award, among many others. So it was quite good then and is highly recommended.

I had the chance to spend some time with an early version of the sequel at the Eurogamer Expo earlier this year and can confirm that it’s shaping up to be something quite special, continuing the high production values, excellent atmospherics and clever puzzles that the first game did so well. The Room Two is also much bigger than the original, expanding the puzzling into a number of different areas that you’ll move between as you attempt to unlock its mysteries.

Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

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