Metal Gear Solid V’s Mother Base Explained In New Video

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain promo art

Konami has released a new 30 minute video detailing all the features you can expect from Metal Gear Solid V’s Mother Base management.

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you’ll need to build and manage your very own version of Snake/ Big Boss’ base of operations. As well as customizing the look and layout of Mother Base, you’ll also be able to recruit new allies from the field, call in supply drops, and send your soldiers out on missions.

You can, of course, leave the management of your base to Snake’s second in command, Miller – but you’ll be missing out on a lot of features. The video, which you can view below, runs through everything from recruiting new soldiers to improving morale and even taking showers between excursions.

While out in the field, you can you use your Fulton Recovery Device to bring in everything from peoples, vehicles, weapons and local wildlife. Once they device has been used to strap a balloon onto it, they’ll float off into the air. Back at base, you can send your soldiers off on missions, where they take the place of Snake as the playable character.

You can salute your base’s staff to raise their morale, and while you’re away from base they might start causing trouble if you’re away for too long. The video shows an altercation between some of Snake’s soldiers and a disturbing scene involving mute sniper Quiet.

Snake can use showers at Mother Base to wash off the dirt and grime from outings. Showering maintains Snake’s performance level, so you’ll need to keep him clean and refreshed.

Target Trials will let you practice with new weapons, looking at posters dotted around the base will have some kind of benefit, and there are rough diamonds located around the base, which add to your GMP. There are references to P.T hidden around Mother Base too, though we didn’t spot any references to Hideo Kojima’s other games, like Policenauts. Meanwhile, a dynamic weather system means that it will occasionally rain, though it appears to be merely cosmetic.

Mother Base looks like it can get pretty big. Apparently it can grow to such a size where you’ll need to use vehicles to get around, with some areas requiring a helicopter to reach.

In Metal Gear Solid V‘s online modes, the online version of your Mother Base – your Forward Operating Base will bring in more resources to aid you, though they can be invaded by players at any time – even while you’re out on a mission. Thankfully you’ll be able to set up defenses to help secure your base from invasions, but you’ll also be able to deal with them personally by returning to take care of things.

Base invasions are one-on-one affair, and you’ll be able to use items such as Snake’s famous cardboard box, as well as an upgraded version of the Fulton Recovery Device, which can’t be shot down. You need to be careful, though – if you invade another player’s base, they’ll be able to retaliate. Konami stressed that you won’t need to play online in order to complete The Phantom Pain, so if you’re purely interested in the game’s single-player campaign you can safely ignore it.

Metal Gear Solid V will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on September 1st. You can watch the new Mother Base demonstration below.

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