Dontnod Helps Players Coping With Real-Life Issues Featured in Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange Sets Out To Support Players Affected By The Game's Story

Dontnod Entertainment has launched a support page on the official Life is Strange website, for players affected by the real-life issues featured in their episodic adventure game, Life is Strange.

The page, titled simply “Talk to Someone“, gives the telephone number and email address for a variety of support organizations from around the world, such as The Samaritans in the United Kingdom.

Life is Strange deals with a number of pretty heavy topics, such as bullying, depression and domestic violence, so it’s likely that at least some of the players experiencing it will be in the middle of dealing with some of the issues featured in the game. Links to the support page are also featured in-game in multiple locations, as well as in menus and the credits.

As someone who’s suffered from depression, it’s good to see an example of a developer using their games as a way to reach out to vulnerable people who may not know where to turn and highlight serious social issues. If Dontnod manage to help just one gamer, it can only be a good thing.

Life is Strange received its third episode (of six) just last week, and our review should be with you shortly. In the meantime, why not read Jodie Rodgers experiences with the first and second episodes? Jodie’s enjoyed her time with Dontnod’s sci-fi tinged tale of small-town Americana so far, even though some rough edges sometimes rear their heads. You can read Jodie’s review of the first episode, Chrysalis, here, and her review of episode two, Out of Time, here.

Before Life is Strange, Dontnod was responsible for the sci-fi cyberpunk thriller Remember Me, which didn’t fare too well at retail but was actually better than many players gave it credit for. In his Remember Me review, Dan Horrowitz found that although the gameplay wasn’t always memorable or particularly original, Dontnod’s first game provided a compelling narrative set in a future dystopian France.

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