Developers Remove Leaked Witcher 3 Footage

Leaked footage of the much anticipated Witcher 3 has CD Project Red removing content from various video streaming websites. The footage was released just over a week before its May 19th launch.

The leak originated from a retailer based in the United Arab Emirates, who began selling copies of the game early. One copy has already been streamed through Twitch, with several videos and gameplay leaks popping up on Youtube and other video streaming websites. Twitch has already warned users on Twitter not to stream the game before its release, with the game subject to DMCA guidelines.

The official forums have also begun cracking down on threads that discuss the leaked footage and spoilers. A moderator on the page has urged users not to discuss the game, and to report any users that share any leaked information.

Aside from this, the Witcher 3 is shaping up to be one heck of an experience. With the game coming ever closer to its release date, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that they already have planned 16 free pieces of DLC content with every copy of the game. As well as this, two “massive” expansions have also been confirmed for an October and early 2016 release. Combine that with the 200+ hours of original gameplay that’s said to be had, the Witcher 3 aims to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the Witcher trilogy.

Jason English

Jason English

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