Hitman GO Out Now On Windows Devices

Hitman Go available on Windows and Windows phone

Today Square Enix has announced the launch of Hitman GO on Windows and Windows phones, with supported Xbox Live features.

The diorama-style, turn-based puzzle game has received positive reviews since its release on iOS last year. Dale gave it a 9/10 in our Hitman Go review, stating that “Hitman GO may not be the game that fans asked for, but it’s most certainly the game they deserve. Delightful, cerebral and wonderfully inventive, it deserves to be played by any self-respecting puzzle-game fan – whether they’re a fan of the franchise or not.”

Priced at £3.89/$4.99/€4.99, Windows players will now be able to take the reigns as Agent 47 in a very different adventure from usual. With 91 unlockable levels and a new take on the classic stealth gameplay, this is definitely a worthy addition to the Hitman franchise.

I’ll let the trailer for this fantastic game speak for itself.

Chris Corbett

Chris Corbett

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