Goat Simulator Licks its way to Xbox Consoles

Goat Simulator Licks its way to the Xbox One

Goat Simulator is now available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $9.99/ £7.99

The paltry 878.25 mb download will let you be a goat, travelling various locations, licking, headbutting and baa-ing your way to victory (or at least a very fun time). You can even play flappy goat (we take no responsibility for any smashed property due to playing flappy goat). This game is all about messing around, with its retro graphics, chirpy music and questionable (yet hilarious) physics.

Goat Simulator started life as little more than a Game Jam entry; but after footage of its submitted version was released, fan pressure led developer Coffee Stain to announce the it would be making the game a full-blown commercial release. The game is intentionally low-budget, with poor animation and no objectives to speak of, but Coffee Stain packed it full of hidden Easter Eggs to discover. Drag a few people to the sacrificial altar in the default map and see what happens.

If you’re looking for a fun, bug-filled game that doesn’t take itself too seriously on your xbox, then this is really worth a look. If you’re still not a believer then take a gander at our Goat Simulator review that’s written by Dale, who stated that “Goat Simulator is quite possibly the most ridiculous game ever invented. It induces frequent bouts of laughter, and while the lack of content may make people a little suspicious of its price tag, the amount of hilarity on offer is more than worth the price of admission.”

Check out the original launch trailer below, which pokes fun at Techland’s Dead Island.


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