Killing Floor 2 Dated For Steam Early Access

Killing Floor 2 Coming To Early Access This Month

Tripwire Interactive has announced that zombie-slaughter sequel Killing Floor 2 will launch on Steam Early Access next week – April 21st, to be precise.

While the game is in Early Access, backers will be able to play on 3 different maps as one of 7 characters, and choose from 4 different perk classes – Commando, Support, Berserker and Field Medic.Tripwire has said that they have 10 different perks planned, though presumably the others aren’t ready yet and will be added to the game later in development.

Perk can be leveled up to 25, and you’ll unlock two new skills every five levels – though only one can be equipped. Don’t worry too much about making difficult choices, though: your decisions aren’t permament, and you can swap out skills before or even during a match.

11 types of enemy will be in the game from the start, along with a boss character. We don’t know who that boss is, but Tripwire says it is not the Patriarch. The Early Access version will support custom level creation using the Mod SDK.

Killing Floor 2 is set in Europe one month after the end of the events in the first game. Evil research company Horzine Biotech’s failed experiments have had a particularly damaging impact on the continent: governments have collapsed and the military has been all but wiped out. A group of civilians has banded together to survive the outbreak, and established a number of privately-funded bases all over Europe.

Sounds as good an excuse to kill a load of zombies as anything else.

Killing Floor 2 will feature more of the same fast-paced run-and-gun gameplay seen in the original game – which, considering how popular Killing Floor is, will no doubt suit players just fine. A PS4 version is planned for sometime later this year, though we don’t yet know just when that will be. Presumably, Tripwire will want to ensure that it has the class and weapons balanced to their satisfaction before rolling the game out for its full official release.

There’s a trailer and plenty of screenshots below for you to feast your eyes on.

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