Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD’s launch trailer is bloody and grim

Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD launch trailer is both bloody and grim

Square Enix has released the official launch trailer for Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD, which went on sale today in North America and will be released this coming Friday in Europe and the United Kingdom on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

First released on Sony’s  PSP system in Japan back in 2011, Final Fantasy: Type 0 – originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII – is officially part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games, which includes Final Fantasy XIII and its 2 sequels as well as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which has since mutated into the next core mainline numbered installment in the long-running RPG series.

Type 0 takes a markedly different approach when it comes to tone and atmosphere. While previous games in the franchise have dabbled with serious themes, they’ve always been shot through with plenty of humor – whether intentional, or as the result of an unfortunate translation. Type 0, by stark contrast, sets its stall early as possibly the most adult entry in the franchise since its inception back in 1987. An opening scene shows a Chocobo bleeding to death, while fatally wounded soldiers cry for help. Type 0 is a game which isn’t afraid to depict the horrors of war, in other words – something which Square Enix says is a deliberate attempt to depict the true horror of international conflict.


The launch trailer certainly makes good on that promise – it’s bleak stuff right from the start as an exhausted and injured warrior falls from his chocobo steed. After that, there’s plenty of blood and death involved, so franchise purists might be in for something of a system shock.

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