Frozen Cortex releases today

Frozen Cortex launches later today

After a length development cycle and a name-change later, Mode 7 Games’ Frozen Cortex will be officially launched today.

Originally named Frozen Endzone (and not to be confused with that other simulatenous turn-based strategy game, Frozen Synapse from the same developer), Frozen Cortex channels the same futuristic American Football vibe of the Bitmap Brothers’ classic Speedball 2 crossed with the more strategic elements of games like Bloodbowl and a Tron-like aesthetic. The game has been generating plenty of positive word of mouth too, from both critics and backers alike.

Frozen Cortex will be available on Steam, Humble Store or directly from the official website, at 11am EST/ 6PM GMT, and will set you back $24.99/ £15.99 – and all copies come with an additional copy to gift to a friend. As well as multiplayer and skirmish options, there’s also a (recently added) singleplayer campaign.

Here’s the launch trailer:

And here’s some snazzy official screenshots:

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