BBC Radio 5 broadcasting special eSports night

BBC Radio 5 is dedicating an evening to discussing eSports

BBC Radio 5 is dedicating this evening to discussions about eSports.

Gamers in the UK will be able to tune in from 20:30 GMT and listen to discussions about whether professional gaming can be truly considered a sport. The BBC will feature speakers from the medical profession, pro gramers, as well as journalists with experience in the industry. Unfortunately, due to the UK’s TV license laws, viewers outside the UK will have trouble accessing the broadcast.

If you’re interested, you can either tune in via radio, listen live on the Radio 5 website, or after broadcast through the BBC Sport website.

OJ Borg will be presenting the show, and he’s a self-confessed fan of gaming – so hopefully the evening manages to side-step the usual tired debates about whether gaming is unhealthy or bad for society.

Dale Morgan

Dale Morgan

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