Eve Online’s Hyperion expansion launches


Longstanding space-faring MMO darling Eve Online has reveived its latest update, and it includes pirates. Yarrr!

Labelled “Burner” pirates, the Hyperion update features these criminals hiding behind space gates, which are only accessible by frigate-class ships. The intention of these new missions is to better replicate PvP battles.

Hyperion also boasts significant changes to their wormhole effects, including:

  • New connections, including Black Holes that become de-facto ­fast-skirmish wormholes
  • The mass calculations of ships entering wormholes affect their spawn distances, leading to heavier ships drifting further away from the entrance
  • Class 4 wormhole systems gain a reliable exit wormhole, which allows players to skirmish into unknown systems while rewarding those willing to stake their claims

Ultimately, Hyperion is based around a looser, more exploratory experience. “Hyperion brings the first of many upcoming changes to core parts of Eve Online that let players explore the New Eden universe and clash with its inhabitants,” said Executive Producer Andie Nordgren in a press release. “Missions, wormhole exploration, and incursions are an integral part of Eve’s player-driven vicious cycle of harvesting, creation and destruction, with players of all levels sewing the fabric of our massive universe with their ambitions.”

Alongside these changes to the wormholes and the addition of Burner pirates, Hyperion has several smaller changes, such as adjustments to the Nestor, Ishtar, Eagle, and Muninn ships, modifications to the UI, and a huge swath of Gameplay fixes.

For more details on the update, check out the patch notes and take a look at the in-development video below.

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