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Telltale Games has released a somber trailer for Amid The Ruins, the fourth episode of season two of the Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series. The release will be staggered again starting with the release of the PC, Mac, and PSN versions on July 22, followed shortly by the July 23 release on XBLA and the European PlayStation Network.

Warning! this trailer contains massive Season 2 spoilers, so you are advised to avoid it at all costs if you’ve not been keeping up with each episode.

This Clementine-focused season has already been dark and dangerous for our pint-sized hero and her new group of survivors, and Amid The Ruins is looking like it will ramp up the tough choices and losses in preparation for the fifth and final episode. Through what is shown in the trailer, we can see that the survivors are reeling from the losses they sustained at the end of Episode Four, in what we considered to be the best episode Telltale has written for the series.

Now Clementine will have to make a choice between the two rival characters that battle over a life philosophy in stark contrast of each other. Which choice will lead to the easiest road of survival, and how will she cope with these terrible losses? Time can only tell, and next week will be here sooner than we know it.

What are you views on Season 2 so far? Do you think it’s an improvement on the first, or do you think that it could be better? Perhaps you think The Wolf Among Us has been more enjoyable, or you’re waiting for Tales from the Borderlands or Game of Thrones to arrive. Let us know.

Anyway, enjoy!

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