Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta 2 Released


Frontier Developments has released another update for Elite: Dangerous, an open-world multiplayer game designed around taking to the stars in a ship and doing whatever it takes to get across the galaxy. Sometimes, this entails peaceful trading; but other times you’ll undoubtedly have to fight to stay alive. With a plethora of star systems, planets, moons, and asteroid fields, the developers are promising an expansive and intense experience that lives up to the legendary reputation held by the original game – which is now, astonishingly, 30 years old.

With this latest phase of the beta, players will be able to explore and exploit three new star systems. Giant Orbis class starports have been added, which are larger and more Coriolis starports, as well as a new space ship type (the Hauler) capable of carrying massive amounts of cargo. In addition to these new toys, Elite: Dangerous now allows high-resolution screenshots, features improved performance, and includes German language support.

According to Frontier’s CEO David Braben, “Feedback from Premium Beta 1 has been really helpful. We are continuing to refine endless details in addition to the ‘headline’ changes, and so Premium Beta 2 is another great step towards Beta.”

We covered Premium Beta 1 in April. People interested in getting in on the Premium Beta 2 action can do so here.

Check out a video of The Orbis Starport in action below.

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Jamie Goodin

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