E3 2014: New Alien: Isolation screens and trailer

Alien: Isolation screenshot

Many might scoff at the idea of strategy game developer Creative Assembly turning their hand to a survival horror game based on the Alien franchise. But everything we’ve seen of the game so far, including our own hands-on impressions, suggest it might be the just the tense sci-fi horror game we’ve been waiting for. Or at least not as bad as the critically-panned Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Part of any good survival horror is a sense of being stacked up against impossible odds – something Aliens: Isolation might well deliver on as there will be no guns at the player’s disposal. If these screens are anything to go by though, you may be able to fashion the environment itself into a weapon; the screens below show how fire can be used to… explosive effect.

Alien: Isolation is set for an October 7 worldwide release for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. We’ll bring you more news as we hear it. In the meantime check out the E3 trailer and the screens below.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

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