E3 2014: FIFA 15


The sporting giant FIFA is seeing its new instalment come out this Fall with a full set of new features from mechanical to visual. EA’s overall focus is on replicating the emotions experienced at a real-life football (soccer) game by enhancing the already-present atmosphere of FIFA.

In terms of visual improvements, several new physical interactions between players have been added, such as pushing and shirt-grabbing, which are subtle yet important. The player/pitch interaction has also been upgraded with large boot marks if the weather is less than desirable, or large skid marks in the grass from tackles. Heck, the football even knocks the corner flag if it hits it.

The other large part that contributes to the emotional-goal which EA has for the game is the match day presentation, with large groups of fans chanting, waving flags even reacting to certain decisions. Another huge visual change has been in the players themselves, with kits becoming muddier if the player falls a lot during rainy weather, or wet skin and kits if it is just raining. Higher-resolution textures on the bodies of the players has also been implemented in terms of body shape and toning.

Mechanically, the players now have memories, where they store previous football game records and then react accordingly in future games. Think of it as a morale meter for the players; their emotions will also be affected accordingly so if they have lost several games recently they may be more aggressive towards referee decisions. More dribbling, stride and stutter movements have been added, allowing an even deeper realism to the game with faster and more skilful players.

The football itself has had its physics tweaked with more realistic rolling and terrain interaction. On top of this, the defending mechanics have been redesigned and now involve every part of the body, allowing for yet again, more realistic gameplay in the upcoming FIFA 15.

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