Mortal Kombat Creator Countdown – New Injustice on the way?


Ed Boon – the creator of Mortal Kombat and the man behind Injustice: Gods Among Us at NetherRealm Studios – has taken to twitter with a cryptic tease. In a tweet on May 4, he simply asked for the square root of 841.

For those not as skilled in the art of arithmetic, the root of 841 is 29. He followed this up the next day asking “how many days in (non-leap-year) February?”

The answer is, of course, 28.

Today he posted a clip from The Simpsons that featured the number 27. At the current rate, the countdown should expire on June 2nd.

Rumors have been swirling during the past few days about a new Injustice game being in development. DC Comics has also released a new series to continue the story from the hit fighting game, which saw comic icons such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and… erm, Aquaman, fighting it out. However, the last Mortal Kombat was released in April of 2011 – making it almost two years since NetherRealm rebooted the franchise.

Would you rather see a new Injustice? Or would you prefer a new Mortal Kombat? Perhaps you’d prefer something else entirely.

Luckily, we shouldn’t have long to wait to find out.

Julian Meush

Julian Meush

Comic geek, Batman nerd and hockey fan, Julian hails from Winnipeg, Canada, and divides his time between playing a stupid amount of games and reading a stupid amount of comics.
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