PewDiePie Saves the Children

The famous YouTube gamer PewDiePie has reached a new milestone – he now has 25 million followers.

In honor of this accomplishment, he wants to do something to help others – so he has set up a charity page on Indiegogo to raise money for Save the Children.

PewDiePie has asked his followers to help raise a total of $250,000; with 37 days to go, he’s almost achieved his goal. At time of writing, his drive has raised $104,162. Additionally, he’s pledged to donate $1 per 1000 views of his appeal video (below), up to a total of 25 million views.

As with all campaigns on Indiegogo, there are incentives to give money – besides the usual philanthropic feeling you get from donating to a good cause. These include little things like a personal thank you note, through to a gaming session with the star himself. Pledge enough, and you can even spend an entire day with him (and bring along some friends, if you are so inclined).

You can view the page – and donate – by following the link to his page above. In the meantime, here’s the video to help you make up your mind.

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Nic Bunce

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