Sacred 3 returns with first gameplay footage

Remember Sacred? It’s a pretty decent series of Action RPGs known for being utterly massive, insanely addictive and, overall, bloody good fun.

Originally announced way back in the ashes of history (well ok, 2011), Sacred 3 has re-emerged from its lengthy development under the guiding hands of Keen Games – and it has a release date. On August 26th, Sacred 3 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC.

If you’re not familiar with the basic gameplay setup, players start out by choosing a hero class, clicking on monsters until they explode, leveling up, equipping new loot, and generally wreaking havoc throughout massive gameworlds. While it’s perfectly good fun on its own, it gets even better when playing in co-op. It’s not too dissimilar to games like Diablo or Torchlight then, though that’s not to say it doesn’t have plenty of personality of its own.

To go along with the release date announcement, publisher Deep Silver has released an early glimpse of gameplay, showing off some of the hero classes and environments you can expect come August. It’s looking rather attractive too, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Check out the trailer below:

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