Halo 2 Anniversary Pre-Order Leak

Spanish website, xtralife.es, has listed the not-yet-announced Halo 2 Anniversary for Xbox One available for pre-order. The website has the listing at 46.95, which converts to about 63 USD.

Halo 002

The listing has the game’s release date to be November 11th of this year, just over ten years since Halo 2’s initial launch on the Xbox.

Halo 2

343 Industries, Certain Affinity, and Saber Interactive previously developed Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on Xbox 360 in 2011, ten years after Halo’s initial launch on the original Xbox. The game featured a high-definition overhaul, Kinect functionality, and online co-op and multiplayer. The single-player component ran on Saber’s in-house engine, while its online counterpart utilized the engine from Bungie’s Halo Reach.

We have reached out to Certain Affinity, Saber Interactive, and Microsoft Games for comment.

Ryan Chodora

Ryan Chodora

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