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Crusader of Centy Retrospective

The Sega Genesis game Crusader of Centy was designed for children with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in mind – and it shows. But that doesn’t stop it from being a charming, clever adventure worthy of your afternoon.

Eternal Sonata is the best JRPG you never played

Eternal Sonata is the best JRPG you never played

Back in 2007, there was only one game that I genuinely anticipated. No, it wasn’t Bioshock – though Irrational’s (mostly) excellent game certainly occupied plenty of my time that year. And it wasn’t The Orange Box, whose contents were a largely unknown quantity until we finally managed to get our hands on them after release.


Defining Moments – Doom 3

Oli Zimmerman discusses a traumatic – and embarrassing – memory of his time with id Software’s classic horror shooter.


Defining Moments – Payday 2

Perhaps what defines a good robbery is as much about the robbers as the place being robbed, something Payday 2 seems to have hard-coded in.