The Arkham Knight Confirmed To Be An All-New Character

who is the arkham knight?

When Batman: Arkham Knight was first announced, many thought the subtitle referred to Batman himself, who has traditionally been known by the moniker ‘The Dark Knight.’ The Arkham Knight would have been a natural extension of ‘The Dark Knight’ given that the Bat has taken up residence in Arkham City. Turns out that those rumors are false.
Rocksteady has revealed that the title was not referring to Batman at all, but an entirely new character who is not secretly Jason Todd or Azrael as we previously speculated.

It seems as though Rocksteady is attempting to make franchise history by introducing a major new character into the series’ mythos, something which hasn’t been done since the Court of Owls in Scott Snyder’s current comics run on Batman.

Unlike we previously thought, the Arkham Knight is an entirely new character developed in collaboration with DC. Not much is known about him yet, but he resembles a futuristic Batman with a bat-inspired helmet and tactical gear, not too dissimilar a more violent Terry McGinnis.

Instead of working with Wayne, however, the Arkham Knight seems to be an adversary, pouncing on Batman the first chance he gets. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about him so far, except for the fact that he likes to jump through the air firing a gun, as though he’s some sort of Batman-esque John Wayne, living life on the edge and not playing by the rules.

Take a look at the screenshots of the Arkham Knight, and make sure to check back for updates and developments regarding Batman: Arkham Knight as we get closer to its official release on October 14th, 2014. At the very least, Rocksteady’s direct involvement should make for an improvement over Batman: Arkham Origins

There is one thing we do know for sure though. The Arkham Knight is certainly not one of the 5 villains that we’d like to see in pop up in the title, although a reveal that the Arkham Knight was secretly Killer Moth or The Calculator would perhaps be the greatest troll video game reveal of the 21st century.

Make it happen, Rocksteady!




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  • Brandon Halsne

    I’m just going to throw this out there. I think that in the end it will end up being the Joker reincarnated.

  • Steve Zedds

    Well they said Hush is a character in it. Hush is jelly of Bruce since they were little. He knows Bruce is Bats….imma say it’ll be Hush or as the smart man above me said, The Joker