Destiny Planet View Goes Live


Fans of the upcoming game Destiny now have a new way to whittle away the time leading up the game’s official release. The new site takes you to a Google Earth-themed map of the worlds available to you in Destiny.

The trailer states “Earth. It’s fair to say that we’ve explored our planet”, before going on to ask “what if we could explore the planets that surround us, centuries from now, after we’ve colonized them, and later lost them to what came next?”

Destiny Planet View, purporting to be created using Google Technologies appears to host worlds full of Easter Eggs for the savvy explorers to find. Head on over there now to jump right in to see what exactly Destiny has to offer from Mars, Venus and the Moon when it is released next week on September 9th.

Nic Bunce

Nic Bunce

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Nic Bunce


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