Pillars of Eternity’s First Expansion Out Now

Pillars of Eternity's first expansion is modelled closely on the wonderful Icewind Dale games from the late nineties.

Pillars of Eternity‘s first expansion, The White March – Part 1 is available now, Paradox Interactive has announced.

Set during the middle of the original game similar to the classic Tales of the Sword Coast for Baldur’s GateThe White March – Part 1 can be experienced regardless if players have completed the core game or not. Players will venture into a new setting inspired by the snowy environments of Icewind Dale, and meet new companions including The Devil of Caroc, a construct rogue, and the scarred monk Zahua. Additionally, players can make use of new advanced party-based AI during combat and other adventuring challenges.

As well as featuring a host of new areas, The White March – Part 1 also slightly raises the level cap, introduces new multi-class abilities for characters, and adds new soulbound weapons.

You can purchase The White March – Part 1 on its own for $14.99, or as a season pass for $24.99 that will grant access to the second part of the expansion immediately upon its release.

Chris Corbett reviewed Pillars of Eternity upon its release earlier this year. He loved it too, awarding Obsidian’s love letter to classic Infinity Engine RPGs an “essential” score of 10/10.

“By the time the final credits roll, you’ll be left in no doubt that what you’ve experienced is a modern classic of the role-playing game genre,” Chris wrote in his Pillars of Eternity review. “Obsidian set out to create a spiritual successor to classic role-playing games. But instead of feeling like a pale imitation of past glories, Pillars of Eternity manages to join their ranks. It is, quite frankly, one of the best role-playing games ever made.”

Paradox has released a launch trailer for The White March – Part 1, which you can view below.

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