Fallout 4 Doesn’t Have A Level Cap

Fallout 4 E3 Official screenshot

Fallout 4 won’t have a level cap and you can continue exploring after the story is over, Bethesda has revealed (via Twitter).

The last game in the post-apocalyptic role playing series developed by Bethesda was Fallout 3, which was criticized by some gamers who were disappointed that they weren’t able to continue exploring the wasteland after the conclusion of the game’s main storyline, and that the game’s level cap was set at the relatively low ceiling of 20.

This was later changed by Bethesda in the Broken Steel add-on, which took place after the main game’s conclusion and also increased the level cap to 30.

Fallout: New Vegas featured a level cap of 30 in the base game, with subsequent add-ons increasing it by 5 levels a piece until it reached a final cap of level 50. Obsidian’s game also allowed you to continue roaming the wasteland following the end of the story, and was also notable for introducing a Hardcore mode that upped the difficulty by introducing additional survival requirements such as food, water and sleep.

Fallout 4 is due to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10, 2015.

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