Borderlands Dev’s Team-Based Shooter Battleborn Dated

Battleborn Gamescom 2015 screenshot

Battleborn, Gearbox’s new team-based co-op and competitive first person shooter, will launch on February 9th 2016 for PS4, PC and Xbox One, publisher 2K Games has announced.

An open beta for the game’s multiplayer modes has also been announced for sometime later this year, with the Borderlands developer saying it will provide further details at a later date.

4 new characters have also been announced atthis year’s Gamescom event in Cologne – Ambra, Benedict, Mellka and Reyna, and a new trailer has been released, which you can view below.

25 characters will be playable at launch, with more expected to be added as post-release DLC. Battleborn features a heavy focus on team-based multiplayer, with support for up to five players in the game’s cooperative Story campaign and three different online modes, which involve two teams of 5 players battling it out for victory. You can play through the game’s story missions by yourself though, if you can’t find anyone else to play with. The game will also support split-screen play for 2 people playing the story or online.


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