Crackdown 3 Will Use “20 Times The Power Of Your Xbox One”

Crackdown 3 Teaser art

Upcoming Xbox One exclusive Crackdown 3 will feature “100 percent destructible environments”, thanks to the power of Microsoft’s cloud computing technology.

Taking to the stage at Microsoft’s Gamescom conference yesterday to reveal the third game in the franchise, Reagent Games’ Dave Jones said that the power of cloud computing means that Crackdown 3 is able to take advantage of computational power “20 times the power of your Xbox One”, and that the developer is making the most of it.

For Crakdown 3, what this means is that you’ll be able to wreak chaos on a scale never seen before in competitive multiplayer. Whole skyscrapers can be brought down apparently, though presumably not everything in the game will be yours for the destroying.

Keeping with tradition, Crackdown 3 will support 4-player co-op. Microsoft says the game has a “new dynamic story”, in what could be a hint towards a branching narrative.

And yes, there’s Orbs. Lots of orbs.

Crackdown 3 is currently slated for Summer 2016 on Xbox One. You can check out the game’s appearance at Gamescom in the video below.

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