10 Years On, Xbox Now Has Over 100,000 Achievements

Xbox One Achievement Symbol

There are now over 100,000 achievements on Xbox Live.

Achievement-tracking website TrueAchievements released a nifty infographic yesterday, providing plenty of interesting statistics to pore over.

76% of all achievements can be found in Xbox 360 games. 2.79 percent of achievements are now unavailable due to multiplayer servers being shut down. 6.15% of achievements are to be found in DLC.

Only one player has managed to obtain over 50% of all achievements – Stallion83, who famously set himself the goal of accruing 1,000,000 gamerscore. Stallion83 – known in real life as Raymond Cox – reached his goal on March 13, 2014. In an interview with Xbox.com, Cox said that he was pretty much done with achievement hunting after hitting his target, though one day hopes to obtain every achievement available on Xbox One. Which doesn’t sound like he’s actually done at all, to be honest.

Microsoft first introduced its achievement system when it launched Xbox 360 back in 2005. In 2015, there are now over 3,100 titles with achievements. That’s a cumulative total of 2,300,227 gamerscore, in case you were wondering.

These days, achievements are everywhere. Not only can you earn them on Windows Phone and Windows games, you can also now earn them by using apps like Netflix and Twitch. Achievements earned from using these apps don’t increase your gamerscore, however – they all have a value of 0G. This year is expected to see more achievements added than any other year since 2005, so don’t be surprised if the total number reaches 200,000 within just a couple more years.

So, if you’re the type of gamer that likes to watch an arbitrary number gradually increase, you’ve got plenty of work to do. Best get to it!

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