Star Wars: KotOR 2 Receives An Update – 10 Years After Release

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For many, Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords is a thing of beauty, a game to return to every once in a while and remind yourself of how good it is. More than a little buggy, KotOR 2 was nevertheless a well-loved game. It isn’t very often, however, that older well-loved games get major updates – especially games that are nearly a decade old.

But that’s exactly what’s happened, as KotOR 2, has received an update on Steam. Not only are new Mac and SteamOS versions being released, but the update includes support for widescreen and 5K resolutions, and even Steam Workshop. Valve has even worked with the Restored Content Mod team, to ensure that you can play Obsidian’s flawed masterpiece in the way it was originally intended.

Given that Steam Workshop includes widespread mod support, it will be interesting to see which of the game’s more well-known mods make their way onto Steam’s servers, and which gain renewed or rekindled support with a larger, wider updates like this one. And you never know – we might see a few new ones, too.

While Bioware developed the first game, development duties for Knights of the Old Republic 2 fell to Obsidian. Unfortunately, a truncated development cycle meant that the game was notoriously buggy at launch, and missing much of the content Obsidian had planned for it. A large proportion of this content has since been restored by modders, who managed to piece together quests, characters and even entire locations from unused game files.

Despite being rushed out by the publisher before it was ready, KotOR 2 is arguably superior to its predecessor, venturing into darker territory than Bioware’s game and dealing with more complex moral quandries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its treatment of Kreia, one of the game’s central characters. Eschewing Star Wars’ propensity to deal in moral absolutes, Kreia resides firmly in the space inbetween. Neither truly good nor truly evil, Kreia is one of Obsidian’s finest creations, and still finds her way to the top of many fans’ lists of favorite characters.

If you want to read more on why Kreia is so beloved, and why Obsidian’s game has stood the test of time, Joe Yang took a trip down memory lane last year in his Knights of the Old Republic 2 retrospective.

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