Dead Island: Definitive Edition Spotted

Promo shot of Purna from Dead Island

Dead Island is to receive a rerelease under the name of Dead Island Definitive Edition, it seems.

A South African retailer has listed Dead Island Definitive Edition on their website, taking pre-orders for a release on November 13th. The company in question,, has since removed the listing – but not before eagle-eyed gamers spotted it and spread the word via social media.

Unfortunately didn’t specify exactly what’s on the collection disc, so whether we’re in for a remaster of the original Dead Island and its DLC, or if it will include Dead Island Riptide – or this year’s dire doanloadable title Escape Dead Island – is yet to be confirmed.

The collection was listed with a price of 553 South African Rand on Xbox One and PS4, which roughly translates to about $45/ £35. The PC version clocked in at 466 South African Rand – roughly $38/ £28.

It’s been a bit of a troubled time for the Dead Island series of late. Late last year, Dead Island 2 was delayed to a vague “2016” release date. Last week, Yager Developments was removed from the game by publisher Deep Silver, leaving the series’ future in question. A statement from Yager cited that the two companies’ visions for the game were no longer “in alignment”.

Under Yager, Dead Island 2 was set to be an open world first-person action romp, with a heavy focus on cooperative play and procedurally generated missions. How much of the studio’s work makes it into the final game – or even if publisher Deep Silver releases it at all – is now uncertain.

In a time where new releases for next-gen consoles are few and far between, an era of collection/remake games seems to have risen. We’ve already had Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection; Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the Rare Replay Collection are due out next month.

It makes sense that Dead Island‘s publisher Deep Silver wants to keep the series alive and kicking in our minds with so much competition; but whether or not a collection of the previous games in the franchise will achieve that remains to be seen.

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