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Not played Dragon Age: Inquisition yet? You can now download a free trial that and play the first 6 hours of single-player, and unlimited access to multiplayer.

Your 6 hours doesn’t mean that if you download it at midday your trial will be finished at 6pm; rather the clock only ticks if you’re actively playing the game. Also, if after playing the first six hours you want to buy Dragon Age: Inquisition (and why wouldn’t you), your saved data will carry over into the paid version.

The trial is only available for PC via the Origins store, available for a “limited” amount of time, though there’s no news on how long that will be.

Jodie Rodgers reviewed Dragon Age: Inquisition for Continue Play, awarding Bioware’s epic RPG a sterling score of 9/10. It was also proclaimed our Game of the Year for 2014.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a masterful representation of its genre and sets a new standard for RPGs to live up to,” Jodie wrote in her Dragon Age: Inquisition review. “Bioware has created a jewel when so many expected them to unveil a lump of coal, and reestablished themselves as masters of the genre.”

Kerry Bishop

Kerry Bishop

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